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Tammie grew up with a deep love and appreciation for all things art. Her passion started with simple drawings, then she moved towards music and performance, finally landing on photography. She knew her drive was strong and she used her camera like a tool. Her world was her subject and she captured the simplistic beauty of everyday teenage life. She has grown so much since then, spending her early adulthood diving deep into more conceptual and narrative based projects, developing her skill in the process. Versatility comes to mind when one sees her work. Tammie will continue to spend the rest of her career exploring new ways to express her vision of the world and traveling to new places that inspire her. 

There were some advantages to being a woman photographer. I think women have more empathy with the subject.
— Annie Leibovitz


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Code Orange Contest Finalist

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“As a musician Tammie made made look and feel the “most of” what I am, and want to be. After working with so many photographers, it’s special to find someone that is looking out for your “essence” so to speak. Tammie does that, and that is priceless. Not to mention she’s got one of the hardest work ethics of anyone I’ve seen in the business.”

— Musician Alicia Blue

“Tammie is the hardest working photographer I know. She is everywhere; always working an event, shooting headshots, shooting for an article, or networking. She’s also super generous in supporting the artists she works with, from actors to musicians to painters by giving them insanely low rates on photos at their shows and galleries. All this has no doubt paid off as I’ve watched Tammie go from a good photographer to a great one in no time at all. I know that if she keeps moving forward in this way she will have great commercial success in no time. I recommend her highly to all my friends.”

— Actor Sam Mandel

“Tammie is such a great artist. She was one of the first photographers I worked with when I decided to take my modeling/acting career to the next level. She is profound at taking things even in their simplest form, and turning it into something spectacular. Every experience with Tammie is nothing less that great, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing her future work as well as hopefully working again with her in the near future. ”

— Actress/Model Spencer Mone

“I’ve been modeling for about a year and have collaborated with Tammie multiple times. She helped me build my portfolio when wanting to expand on more creative shots. She is a very inspired individual who is truly driven by passion. Her work and attitude is extremely professional and it has been a joy working with her. Tammie has always gotten my edited photos back to me quickly. Her hard work and motivation to get the best pictures has always impressed me.To this day, her photographs are some of my best shots in my portfolio. She has been one of my favorite photographers to work with and I look forward to future collaborations with her!”

— Model Andréa Stellar

“I adored working with Tammie! Very professional, talented, & kind! I would definitely recommend tamidesigns photography for anyone who wants quality photos!”

— Model Nicole Guibord

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tammie on a couple shoots. She is very professional, organized, and easy to work with. She is also a true supporter of the arts. I was so grateful to see her at several of my shows. Her enthusiasm for her craft and for her fellow artists comes out in her photography and her dedication to seeing live performance. Thank you Tammie!”

— Burlesque Performer/Model Bettie P'asian

“I’ve been working with Tammie for a few years now, and she has been a complete blessing! She was one of the first photographers I’ve worked with when starting my makeup career. As a freelance artist it can be a hit or miss with working with new photographers, as far as getting the shots you need for your portfolio, understanding your vision and concept, being open to new ideas, and receiving your final prints in a timely manner. Tammie has proven time and time again to go above and beyond in all these areas! She has helped jump start my career and continues to keep me motivated. I’m always looking forward to working with her! And she is the only one I recommend to my fellow makeup artists and anyone looking for a great photographer! She loves what she does, and it shows in her dedication and work!”

— Leah Galindo/Professional Makeup Artist

“Tammie is a versatile photographer for any occasion. From taking formal photographs in a public park to private family portraits in our living room Tammie exudes professionalism and warmth. Tammie has an eye for the finishing details and delivers a final picture that you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. If you’re looking to showcase your best self or capture memorable moments then you’ll be in great hands.”

— Janice Williams